So, why should you bother with mindwork, with meditation and mindfulness?
Imagine for one moment that you could live a happy, joyful and successful life.
I believe you can
By harnessing the amazing power of your mind.
Want to know more?
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If utilized properly and understood, I really do believe that meditation can help anyone and everyone get exactly what they want in life.

The incredible power of the mind

Your mind truly is an amazing tool, if harnessed and utilised correctly.
Your mind controls your perception, your experience, your emotions, your actions and reactions and your manifestations.

Sometimes we uncover the fact that our minds direct our feelings
but we are not told how to change those thoughts
Its suggested that most people run on automatic pilot 96% of our lives
but even given that fact, we are not how to change those automatic thoughts to more helpful ones.

Don't believe me? Well imagine this for a moment.

You are driving along a road and someone cuts you up, driving crazy and you and they both nearly crash and come to a shuddering holt
you are so angry and annoyed and you jump out of your car and rush over to their car ready to give them a piece of your mind
They wind down their window and sitting in the drivers seat is someone you love and you haven't seen for years.
In one single second everything has changed.
How are you feeling now?

Ok, lets try another thought experiment
You walk into a room and there's a snake in the room
you are terrified
then you realise that the snake is rubber...
its not even real.
How do you feel now?
Still terrified?

We can live our lives never knowing that the answer lies within us, within our power.
However, even if we do discover this, this information is not always presented in the most helpful ways.
We are often told what to do about it, but not how to do that, not how to bring that into our lives in a moment to moment, day to day manner.

Still doubting the power of your mind?
Well try this little experiment.
Lets take a moment to close our eyes and think of the following

  • Biting into a juicy, bitter lemon
  • Your birthday
  • A lazy Sunday lay in
  • A warm bowl of soup on a cold day
  • Meeting up with a loved one you have not seen for a while
  • Christmas

No doubt each of these would have made you feel different things, just by closing your eyes and thinking of them.
They may have even caused physical changes in your body, sensations or feelings.
The funny thing is, each person will also have a different image, thought and reaction to each of these different situations.
Some people will react with happiness, some people sadness.
For example, someone may react fondly to the idea of Christmas and think of all the wonderful Christmas's they have had. Someone else however may have had some terrible Christmas's and even the word will bring up feelings of sadness or anger.
Its not just about the power of your mind to alter the way you think and feel its about your perceptions and judgements too...
and we all have perceptions and judgments
usually caused by our experiences and unless we decide we wish to change them and do so
they will continue to remain exactly as they are.

The Solution!

That is why I created Star Mindwork.
To bring the power of mindwork, which is meditation and mindfulness and the knowledge of how
to utilise meditation and mindfulness, to change your life for the better
in a way that supports you actioning these changes in your life in the easiest, simplest and most helpful way possible.